Since the first time my shakings hands gripped my backpack, I was nervous. I thought the teachers would be mean, I wouldn’t understand what they were teaching, and I wasn’t going to be liked. Man was I wrong! The teachers loved me ( which honestly was never a problem but still), I had amazing grades, and I was the one forgetting most peoples name. Yes, I still had to work hard, but it wasn’t so bad.

By October, my life changed dramatically because of all the new adaptions I needed to make. I became extremely busy with guitar, flute,dance, cheer, and on top of all of that the worst of all… HOMEWORK! Every time I came home it was study and homework time.
I didn’t think it would change so much. I made friends that I didn’t even know last year though they were in my classes. It wasn’t so bad as long as you always got your work done. You learn a great deal of responsibility.

Eventually, I realized that if you are responsible and study hard, you can have an amazing time at school. The work is hard and not necessarily easy, but it is kinda of fun to be one of the only people who did it and you get the hundred while they get a zero. People also respect you when you do your work especially if you have a busy schedule.

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have stressed to much about school. I would still do my work efficiently, but I have been so focused on school that I hardly went outside or hung out with my family. Because even though you have to go to school, you also have to go home yo your pain-in-the-butt family. And if you don’t take 15-20 minutes to hang out either them then they will try, and you’ll get annoyed when they just want to hang out.

My advice for upcoming seventh graders. First, get on your teachers’ good side, always try to complete your homework well done and on time. Second, study for tests,quizzes, learning checks, ect.,you never don’t have homework even on no homework nights because I bet that soon you will have something over that topic. And finally, don’t get so caught up in your work that you are shooing away any opportunity of a social life.


Being a good leader isn’t easy you need to practice and work and your weaknesses. You have to be an example to others around you, let them know you can make good decisions. Good leadership is hard to find and very hard to earn. Once you have an image it’s hard to shake. There are to kinds of people in this world the leaders and the followers.

If you are a follower, that can still be ok as long as you don’t let this person bring you into doing something you don’t believe in. You can be a leader by saying no. Being yourself is the closets thing you can get to being a leader. Be carful though because there are many ways to stop being a leader. You loose your temper, forget multiple assignments, get bad grades, lie, ect.

Take me for example co-captain of cheer if I do any of these things people will look at me differently. I won’t be that sweet little girl people can trust I will be a “Oh here she comes,” girl which isn’t a good thing. People loose their respect for you and your beliefs. They won’t think that you could help them or that they could trust you. When this happens, you become the person people hate instead of the person they love. I try to stick up for my standards and it helps when friends support my position.

My Favorite Poem

Re-wind By Mackenzie F.

I suck in and straighten my posture.
I blush and hold the dreamy gaze.
My face turns red and palms become sweaty.
I look to the floor and back up.
Still watching.

I smile, but a shy one not the cute girly one that I wear.
Class is still going but I hardly notice.
How long has it been?
Not long enough.
Who will chicken out?
Me,it is ALWAYS me.

And it is, but this time I look back.
Still eyes are on me with a smile at the corners.
A friendly one.

Then finally he looks away.
I let myself breathe again.
He doesn’t like-like me I tell myself.
It will never work out anyway.
But still I smile.
Just wishing I could re-wind.

I wrote this poem about how sometimes you don’t know if someone likes you. Even though some signs might point to yes you never really know what is going on inside his LITTLE brain.

Media and a Memory


I remember when I first got this bunny. It was in perfect condition at the time until my sister decided it needed a trim…on the ears. With a snap of the scissors the pink flopping ears drifted to the tile.
I loved that curly pink fluff. I was real creative with the name. “I shall call you … Bunny!” I declared.
When I had it, I was an angel, so obedient, kind,and caring. Without it, the stubborn little monster would squeeze out.

I would take it everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! I would mess with its floppy ears and pretend it sang songs to me. I would take to it when I felt mad,sad, or happy. Everywhere I went it would follow. I’d squeeze it so hard I am surprised the stuffing didn’t come out!

I always keep this bunny on my bed because no matter how beat up it gets it holds memories I’ll never forget.


The “snap” came just before the scream. I glance at my ankle only to see a throbbing blackness. The trampoline was not my place.

My oblivious siblings finally realized I was in pain. They took their precious time getting dad. The pain struck me like a bullet. The pain spread through my foot like a virus. My screams become scarce and desperate. Like a pig before the slaughter— scared and vulnerable.

The tears gushed from my eyes and became puffy and stained red. I gasped for air as for what felt like needles stabbed through my skin.

Breathe. Stay calm. Deep breathes.

Every minutes felt like a year of scorching pain and endless screeches. I was still there… waiting… still no help came. I urned for relief…for anything.

Then I see him.

“Skyler” I whined. He scurried to get help from my dad who was also scared by the treacherous screams. He scooped me up I was trembling, pale as a ghost and wide eyed—fear. There was also tears, gasping, yelps—pain. I will be ok I thought before I fell into a painful and uneasy sleep.

Now I realize, that this is my favorite mistake because I taught that something that seems harmless can do you great harm. For me I couldn’t do basketball and I was in a boot for more than two months! Without this mistake I still would be careless. Think about the next time you make a decision!


I knew when I got home there was something wrong. My mom had puffy eyes that were stained red. Her eyelashes were damp. Crying— she has been crying. She tells us all to gather around. Instinctively I ask if it is good or bad. Her response was, ” Well that depends on how you look at it.” I know what that means, but she says it first. ” Grandma passed away yesterday morning,” she says her voice is hoarse. I couldn’t believe it,who knew that March 18,2014 would be the day she died.No, grandma is fine we can see her anytime. She isn’t dead. I thought. Though sometimes even when you don’t want to believe it it doesn’t change the fact that it happened. Tears streak my face, and I don’t get much sleep that night. You will have many losses in your life, but you only have one first loss.

Broken Dream

I did not hide. I did not cry.
I did not run. I did not die.
I did not laugh. I did not scream.
All I have is a broken dream.

I did not grin. I did not sigh.
I did not climb to way up high.
I did not shout. I did not pout.
I did not stop . I did not lie.
Life went on, so say good-bye.
I did not whine. I did not scream.
All I have is a broken dream.

So many things have I been trying.
They are not crying.
Or dying. Or lying.
Or sighing.
Instead I will be flying.

I’m sorrowing with glory.
No more sad. No more boring.
Not a chill down my spine.
Life is good and now…it’s mine.

My Grandma

I go to see her.
Some progress has been made.
The tube from her neck gives her breathe.
Gasping and drowsiness fills the room.

Movement is required.
Decisions must be made.
Either keep fighting or let her rest.

Which ever is made it is for the best.
She won’t make it.
My grandma MUST rest.

And she does on March,18,2014

Expository Writing

Ahhhh…! No! Please no! WHY?! Fear is necessary.

Don’t worry what seems scary now will help you in the future. When I found out my grandma was in the hospital again, fear overtook me — so much fear. What do you know? My friend went through something similar she was there the whole way through. Man! I was happy she was there. If I wasn’t afraid, I would never know what she went through too.

Another reason fear is important is if you get over that fear it can change the way you look at things. For example, if you are scared of dogs and you get over your fears. You could end up loving the furry animals. Things change and you can others when you overcome your fears. Things can get better.

Fear can seem bad, but everyone has it. Even Taylor Swift gets nervous before she goes on stage, but if she never had the courage she wouldn’t be famous and have a career. Fear can help everyone become something great. If we spend our time in fear now, we won’t pay attention to the greater future.

Only A Dream

I tip-toe to the peek hole and see a black suburban. My heart skips a beat as a man exits the vehicle. I hide behind a black chair as the velvet curtains smother me. Only me pinky toe sticks out in the mist of darkness.My skin turns a pale white. I tremble as “Thump…thump…thump” echoes in my ear. I pretend not to notice the pounding on the door.
A man whispers “I know your in there. Don’t make me come in!” It is quiet all you can hear is my heart beating a mile a minute.
I peek out the window and look straight into the eyes of the man. A smirk spreads on his face he brakes the window and sends me swooshing through the air. He knocks down the door and bursts in. He picks me up and drags me into his suburban.
Then I wake up.